Thursday, 15 December 2011

Very Berry Vodka!

Very Berry Vodka...

This year with my huge amount of Blackberries I foraged I have made Blackberry Chutney which I cant wait to try with a little goats cheese, wensleydale but preferably deep fried breaded brie or camenbert...

Last year I had the idea of sloe gin... but I adapted this for my ''very berry vodka''.

I got a few litres of vodka and had a little drink from each (well I had to make room for the berries) I put a big hand full of good quality plump blackberries in with a large heaped spoonful of sugar. I did this a few weeks before Christmas - at month is good but a little longer if possible.
I then tipped the bottles up and back round everytime I saw them, I think a minimum of once a day is good.

Soon enough the vodka turned in to a very berry colour... near christmas I strained the vodka and rebottled with some decorative home-made festive labels and gave to appropriate boozy relations!

Hope you like this idea - A good way to use up the black berries too!

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