Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 - the year of the diet

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I wanted to lose weight in 2011, and started the year off quite well, losing 18Ibs, although 14Ibs of those were extra pounds I gained over Christmas 2010.  By the end of 2012 9Ibs have crept back on after I stopped watching what I was eating and stopped going to the gym when I moved jobs.

I need to lose weight because the extra weight I'm carrying is starting to affect my health.  I get out of breath walking up stairs/hills etc and for a 29 year old that just isn't good enough.

I'd like to turn 30 being a healthier, happier and lighter person.  I've got the happy part pretty much sewn up, things are very good for me, I have a new job and a wonderful new partner.  But I'm not healthy and I'm certainly very heavy.

I'm a size 16, although my jeans are feeling very tight at the moment, and I weighed in yesterday at 12st9Ibs.  I was measured at 155cm a few weeks ago (I thought I was 152cm - I must've grown).  The heaviest I've been is 13st8Ibs (last January) and the lightest was 7st2Ibs when I was 17/18.

My BMI is 33.42, which puts me in the Obese category.  The height/weight chart tells me I should be between 7st and 9st4Ibs.   When I was 7st2Ibs I was a size 6, or age 11-12 children's clothes, I have no desire to drop over 5st to get to that weight.  At 20 I was around the 10st mark and a size 10/12.  I'd like to be between 9st7 and 10st which according to the NHS would still make me overweight.  I don't really care what they say, more that I feel better.

So how am I going to shift this massive bulk?  Well I'm going to try three options over 6 months.

The first, and most drastic diet I'm going to try is the Dukan Diet.  I'm aiming to try that for just under three weeks, to complete an Attack phase of 6 days and then move to Cruise for the rest of the time, which is one day of pure protein then one day of protein+allowed vegetables.

I'm under no illusions that I'll be able to stick to this diet, but I'm interested to see if it will work on me.  I'll be doing that from Wednesday 4th Jan until I go to Tenerife on 22nd Jan.  If I find the diet works for me, and I can sustain cutting out potatoes, bread, cheese, pasta and everything else I find nice then I'll go back on Dukan and restart the Attack phase and start again.

Although I'm determined to give the Dukan diet a decent go, if it isn't working out for me and I hate it then when I return from holiday I'll be moving to the Steve Miller approach to dieting - Eat less and Move more.  I absolutely love the Fat Families programme and his advice, and have his book at home.  This is the diet I'm most looking forward to - because it isn't really a diet, it's eating what I want of healthy food and carbs, but smaller portions and doing a hell of a lot more exercise.

If I find that I'm not able to motivate myself enough by doing that diet throughout February then in March I will start Slimming World.  This is the diet I'm least looking forward to.  I have no desire to go to a meeting, to pay someone to weigh me, and then sit and have to talk through everything I'm doing that week and have someone else tell me what I should and shouldn't be eating. Having done Weight Watchers in the past I know I hate this kind of dieting, that it takes all the joy out of food for me.  But Slimming World gets results.  Lots of people I follow on Twitter love Slimming World, and one of my friends has lost a lot of weight with them and loves going to the meetings and giving out advice and swapping recipes.  The thought of going to a meeting makes me feel sick though.  But if nothing else is working then short of a gastric band this is my last resort.

So, my diet plan will be:

4th-22nd Jan -  Dukan Diet
23rd - 29th Jan - holiday, no dieting
30th Jan - 29th Feb - re-start Dukan and continue with that - Or
30th Jan - 29th Feb - Eat Less and Move More
1st Mar - 30th June - continue with Eat Less and Move More - Or
1st Mar - 30th June - Slimming World

Have you tried any of the above approaches to dieting?


  1. Mention the word diet to me and I start to put weight on, I just don't do them any more.

    I've tried lots of diets in the past(in my younger days), none of which I care to recommend. Even the Atkins Diet had it's disadvantages. The only advantage with that diet is that the weight just falls off. 10st down to 8st in a matter of a few months.

    However the health problems that came with it are not to be repeated in my book. Healthiness returned as soon as I started eating properly.

    Even with all the baking I do, it's still all about moderation. One slice of cake instead of two etc etc

    Good Luck anyway Rach and Happy new year

  2. Thanks Lynn, happy new year to you too x

  3. I think you should forget the Dukan sounds drastic and psychologically not great I think the key is eating properly, getting organised (meal planning) and mOving more. Sara has just lost over a stone on slimming world and I'm planning that once this cherub is out and climbing up the big hill with a buggy and a dog every day for starters. You'll be fine you've done it before cuz! X �� L x

  4. If you're losing weight to get healthy, then please don't try any extreme methods like the Dukan, Atkins or whatever. TBH the eat less move more sounds the healthiest and most common 'sensey' of all the options and the one I'd recommend. Also, if you are thinking about a gastric band at only a size 16, joking or otherwise, I think you need to look at the psychological reasons behind this as well if you want to get really healthy. I think your attitude to the NHS guidelines is sensible though! Lots of good luck wishes and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

  5. All "diets" work if you stick to them, it's just a question of finding the one that best works with your lifestyle. And you shouldn't do anything that makes you feel too deprived or unhappy or you'll never stick at it. So for example, if you hate the idea of going to SW meetings, why not just follow the plan online? You can always tweet and blog your WI results, which gives you a similar sense of accountability without the meeting.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!


  6. In 2008 I tried Slimming Wold and lost almost 2st in 8 months. I found a quiet meeting to attend which was more like a social group than a weight loss motivated witch hunt. It kept me motivated until the group leader left and a new one started. It also coincided with me being unable to stay at the meeting each week. I was told that "I would never succeed" if I didn't attend the meeting. I never went back, that kind of attitude was not what I wanted to keep my hands out of the biscuit tin. Four years later and I am back up to the weight I was when I joined SW in 2008. I still tell people that SW is a brilliant plan providing you get someone leading your group with a positive attitude. Without that then you may as well throw your money down the drain.

  7. I would also like to add that without your own determination to shed the pounds no plan will work. I am now opting for the free eat and drink less and move more approach and the only person I have to answer to is me.


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