Monday, 16 January 2012

Cardamom Black, Harrogate

After I didn't get to try the food at the grand opening evening at Cardamom Black I was invited back by the owners for a complimentary meal.  I couldn't turn down such a generous offer, so on Thursday last week Phil and I headed over to Harrogate for some top notch food.

We were greeted warmly, coats taken and shown to our seats for the meal.  Coincidentally they were the same seats we had at the opening.

We opted for pickles and popadoms to start.

The mango chutney was delicious.   The best one I've had.

To start I chose one of the specials, Nidderdale Lamb Chops.  They were described in the press release I was sent and I'd wanted to try it since then.

I wasn't disappointed.  The meat was tender, with a subtle spiced flavour which didn't overpower the meat.  I'd been expecting something very spicy that would stop me tasting the lamb, so I was very pleased.

Phil went for the Monkfish for his starter, which he thoroughly enjoyed too.  The fish was fresh, moist and packed with flavour.

To drink we'd picked diet cokes, as we're both on a booze ban (well I am until my holidays!) so we decided to get some lassi to liven things up drinkwise.  We couldn't resist the Passionfruit and Mango one, we definitely made the right choice with it - amazing.

For main I had a Seafood Medley, which I think was Balti, with my staple Cheese Naan, and Phil had Wazaki Chicken (I hope I've spelt this correctly) with lime and coriander rice.

The mains were as good as the starters. The fish, prawns, squid and scallops in my dish were cooked perfectly, no rubber in sight.  The curry was hot, but not so hot I couldn't eat it, which is what I'd always imagined a balti would be.  Phil's chicken was tender and juicy, and he enjoyed the rice.

We were absolutely stuffed after our starter and main but were convinced to try and cram in some pudding.

Who could resist sharing these?  An Assiette of Desserts, the raspberry mousse cake was my favourite, with the ginger and lemon cheesecake coming a close second.

I really enjoyed the food, and the service was impeccable.  Of course it would be, I'm sure you're saying, but we made a point of watching how other customers were treated - the waiting staff were every bit as attentive to them as they were to us.

My pictures aren't amazing - apologies for that - but I can't bring myself to ponce about with a flash when people are trying to enjoy their meals.  Here's a couple of poor shots of the fantasticly sparkly interior of Cardamom Black - I just couldn't do the place justice with my little iphone camera.

As part of the evening we were told some more about the background of Cardamom Black, of the hard work that's gone into the restaurant and aspirations of things to come.  I had planned to ask what was going on with the website, I've seen a few disgruntled tweets about it not being fully operations.  Well there's method in the madness for that - an 8 week initial opening period, for all the little problems to be ironed out, for staff to be trained up and for everything to get ship shape.  You'll see a lot more from Cardamom Black in the next couple of months I'm sure, with a big campaign to get the word out there.

So - would I recommend it to anyone who reads my blog?


Will I be going again?

A very definite Yes.

Thank you again to the hospitality of the owners of Cardamom Black for inviting me back to the restaurant and making us feel like royalty for the night.


  1. Looks like there are enough lights in the restaurant to cause a massive power cut in the town...

  2. Great review. I think it will most definitely be worth a visit in the near future.

  3. Thanks for the's quite helpful!

  4. Food delicious, setting amazing. Admittedly it was a busy Saturday night, however, the service was appalling, we wanted to try the desserts, if only we hadn't been forgotten about, we repeatedly asked for a menu, but to no avail. Harder still to get anyone to bring us the bill at the end. The food cannot be faulted, although we didn't get all we ordered & when we advised them of this, we still didn't receive everything. It was such a shame to be let down on the service, & I'm a bit reluctant to accept the excuse we were given that it was busy & they had only been open for 7 weeks so we should accept teething troubles. Surely this is the time to impress, especially in a town such as Harrogate which has such an extensive choice of restaurants.

  5. i went with friends last sunday night i have never been to a more friendly place before the food was amazing i really enjoyed it and the service is first class i would recommend it to all my friends

  6. Ohhhh it all looks so amazing. The place was amazing. The food was amazing. The staff were amazing. I have never read such a load of biased claptrap of a restaurant review in all my life. We have visited this place...disorganised not that great.....poor service.

    What a shameful waste of webspace.

  7. @anon - If my blog is such a "shameful waste of webspace" and you don't like my "biased claptrap" please don't read any more of it.

    My blog is about my opinion and my opinion of my evening at Cardamom Black was that the food was amazing - it was, the staff were incredibly attentive - I actually said impeccable not amazing. As for the decor - I also didn't say that was amazing, I think you'll find I said fantasticly sparkly - which it is.

    If you didn't enjoy your evening at Cardamom Black then don't go back - did you really need to waste your time searching for blog reviews to then insult the author?

    1. Here here Cornishwomble.....

      Rachel, clearly "Anon" clearly has some kind of axe to grind both with the restaurant and with your website, reflected by the superficial and trivial comment.

      Your blog is well worth reading and keep up the good work!

  8. Anonymous usually means sad pathetic trolling loser who loves trying to tramp over the efforts of someone who puts the time and effort into producing a blog. Whilst you may not agree with Rachels review I'm sure her meal will be better than your microwave dinner for one that you'll eat alone whilst surfing the net posting other negative comments in order to get the attention you so crave
    Great blog Rachel please keep it up


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