Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Diet update

I struggled with Dukan, and I've admitted defeat I'm now just doing the PV days.  (Well with a couple of treats).

Not being able to eat any of what I'd normally eat, like rice and pasta, and having to eat so much meat just wasn't sustainable for me.  The initial weight loss was great, I lost 7Ib's in 8 days and I feel much better for losing that weight, but I just couldn't do any more PP days.

This week's weigh in is Friday morning, I'm expecting to have regained some of that weight due to the initial loss during Attack being mostly water weight.

I feel like I've failed because I haven't seen it through to the letter.

This week I've tried to do PV days, but I have allowed myself a couple of nice treats like a biscuit, or a blueberry muffin.  I know that I'm fat and I shouldn't eat anything like that, but surviving on salad and cottage cheese makes me miserable.

The good things that have come from Dukan are that I'm eating Oatbran porridge and enjoying it.  I'm also eating more protein than before and making better choices about the carbs I have, or avoiding carbs completely.

Another positive is I haven't had a drink, yet, for the whole of January.  It hasn't felt like a chore this time either, it was a struggle last year.  I'm going out for a friend's birthday on Friday and I really don't want to spend much, or to drink.  Although I'll be very pushed not to have a cocktail if we go to a particular bar!

How are you doing with your new years diet?  Have you stuck to it?


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself - you gave it a go and did really well, but whatever eating plan (rather than "diet" - I don't like that word!!) you follow has to fit in with your life. And fitting in with your life includes being able to treat yourself to the odd biscuit if that is what you fancy! And, great that you've learned from your experience - eating fewer and better carbs is a lesson I reckon a lot of us could do with.

    Best of luck with the weigh in.


  2. Rach, don't punish yourself so much! I definitely could not stick to that diet - it looks like a lot of hard work! You've done really well - don't let it get you down. I reckon treating yourself once in a while is much better than denying yourself everything fun. Good luck with it - and your squash stew looks amazing. Jo x


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