Friday, 6 January 2012

Dukan Day 3

Day 3 is hard.  So very hard.  Today I've had no energy, I haven't managed a solitary 20 minute walk, but as I've walked from my desk to the toilets a million times for a million wees then I've decided that can count.

I aim to do better on the exercising tomorrow.  Today has been the worst of the three days, I've come very close to packing it in and eating something carbalicious for tea.  I made Phil chicken and pasta with a creamy tomato sauce, I couldn't test the pasta to see if it was cooked, or try the sauce!

Today I've eaten:

  • Breakfast: Oatbran porridge (1.5tbsp oatbran with 200ml skimmed milk, nuked in microwave till thick)
  • Snack: Boiled egg
  • Lunch: pack of sweet chilli chicken pieces, dollop of quark, 2 chopped gherkins
  • Snack: 3 crabsticks
  • Tea: 2 grilled free range chicken thighs, 1 boiled egg, dollop of cottage cheese, garlic prawns, 3 gherkins
  • Drinks: tea with skimmed milk x3, 75cl bottle of water, 1x herbal tea, 1.5 glasses of diet coke (more water to be drunk before bed)

Tomorrow I'll be making these: and I'll be having a go at the famous oatbran pancake!


  1. If Im honest, Im not a fan of the galette. The bran gives it a gritty texture. Much prefer the cookies! Tonight I had chicken tikka. Diced chicken thighs, a squirt of 1g sugar/carb heinz ketchup (search online for UK distrib.) and some chicken tikka spice mix and a dollop of fat free, sugar free plain yoghurt. All fried (minus oil! ( ;-D ) was YUM!

  2. P.s I cant publish my comment unless anon?! I dont have wordpress etc.. I follow you on Twitter though, Lolaismygirl :-)


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