Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dukan day 5

My energy levels have come back up, somewhat, although I'm finding I'm shattered come the evening, then I go to bed and can't turn my head off.  I lie and think, and think, and think.

Today has been quite productive and we were up and out bargain hunting first thing.  I ended up having brunch just after 12pm, having missed breakfast again - must do better tomorrow!

Brunch:  3 rashers of weightwatchers rindless bacon, 2 eggs - fried but placed on kitchen roll to absorb any excess oil.

Snacks: 1 gherkin, 3 slices of turkey

Tea: Sirloin steak, 2 free range chicken thighs, 1 chopped gherkin, dollop of quark

Drinks: 2xpint mugs of tea, 2xglasses of diet coke, 2xglasses of water, 1xlatte,skimmed milk with 2 small biscotti... I know I shouldn't have had them. But I did.

After I posted yesterday evening I had a snack.

Low fat yoghurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of green and blacks cocoa powder.  As it tasted quite bitter I'm wondering if the sugar content in G&B isn't all that high?

I'm about as fed up as can be of meat now, I have another day of pure protein tomorrow and then when I start Veg+Protein in Cruise Phase on Tuesday I'll be trying to have fish for the rest of the week.

I'm truly looking forward to vegetables.

Temptation was out to get me in all ways today.  We grabbed a coffee in M&S, there staring me in the face were cakes lots of cakes, and scones, and biscuits and sandwiches........  I wanted a piece of cake so bad. When Phil brought my coffee over I saw the two biscotti on the saucer and couldn't resist them.  I know I shouldn't have had them, but I did.

We had a wander round the new summer clothes section, I bought a swimming costume, a work top and a pair of linen trousers.  I instantly felt better for treating myself to some new bits.

I was thinking on the way home about the way I treat myself, when I was younger I'd "treat" myself to clothes, shoes, bags and make up.  As I got older, and the credit dried up, I changed my treating myself to grabbing a bottle of wine on the way home, a chocolate bar, takeaways...  And so the weight crept on.  I enjoy cooking, yet I'm incapable of cooking normal sized portions, I always cook for at least four.  I bake to relax and improve my skills.  Then I eat the baking.  I adore eating out, trying new places, new cuisines.  It's also a treat.

So my question, how will I treat myself without getting fat or going broke??


  1. I'm exactly the same...when I was younger a "treat" would often be a lipgloss or something like that whereas now most of my spare money goes on foodie (and drinkie) treats.

    I don't have the answer - I just know that I'm not prepared to give up on eating nice food, I suppose the key is to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. For me, smaller portion sizes help - a small portion of something really yummy is better than a whole plateful of "diet" food and increasingly I find I need nowhere near as much food as I think I do to be satisfied.


  2. I know you're right with that, but I'm such a greedy guts - I'm terrible at all things in moderation, I have no comprehension of moderation!


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