Monday, 9 January 2012

Dukan day 6

Today is my last day of attack phase, tomorrow I'll have my first PV day.  As I weighed myself on Phil's scales, and are a little...ahem...blocked up at the moment I won't bother weighing until Friday morning.

I missed breakfast this morning but have had my three meals with a little bit of supper earlier.

  • Lunch: chicken pieces and quark
  • Snacks: 1 pickled onion, 4 crab sticks
  • Tea: 1 chicken breast wrapped in three turkey rashers with some fresh thyme between the turkey and the chicken, prawns, cottage cheese, 4 slices of gherkin, 1 pickled onion.  My turkey rashers were rather well done, it seems they don't taste as good crispy as bacon does.
  • Drinks:  4xcups of tea, skimmed milk, 1.5L water, 1.5 pints of diet coke, 1 bottle of sugar free fanta, 1xoptions hot chocolate
  • Supper: 1.5 tbsp oatbran mixed into fat free yoghurt

I think I've done 20 minutes walking, but it was over two sessions - I'm not sure if that matters?

Anyway, I have a confession to make....

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.  Today when clearing up after tea I was scooping leftover mash out of the pan, without thinking I shoved the spoon with the remnants of mash into my mouth.  I had a brief thought about spitting it out, but it seemed such a terrible waste of mashed potato to do such a thing...

To repent this sin I will eat 4 crabsticks tomorrow.

(After having a few I've come to realise that crabsticks are vile, I'm desperately trying to use up the pack I bought).

I am planning to have a go at the oatbran cookies tomorrow night, I never got round to making them.

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  1. Wow, you've done so well - I don't reckon a mouthful of mash counts as a major transgression! Fingers crossed that you get a fantabulous result on Friday.



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