Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dukan diet day 1

I'll write more about the ins and outs of Dukan when I'm at my laptop.

Today I started Dukan, although woke up with nothing suitable for breakfast so ended up having brunch when I got back from the supermarket.

Brunch - crabsticks, turkey pieces, cottage cheese.

Tea - haddock fillet, garlic prawns, cottage cheese.

Snacks - turkey pieces, crab sticks

Drinks - (to now) pint of tea, skimmed milk x 3, glasses of water - 4, 1 x coffee, skimmed milk

I'll be having a bowl of fromage frais for supper later, and if I feel hungry some more crab sticks.

I feel ok so far, I've been gazing wistfully at a box of biscuits all afternoon but have resisted...

Tomorrow I'm having a boiled egg and some 0% fat yoghurt for breakfast and cottage cheese and turkey pieces for lunch, with crab sticks for snacks. For tea I'm having 2 burgers and another boiled egg, and some gherkins to eat as a garnish (typical French diet).

I'll be a bit more adventurous with the recipes over the weekend!

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