Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wine of the week- M&S Bellota

We got this wine as part of the Dine for £10 Chinese meal deal at M&S. I read the descriptions of all the wines and this sounded the nicest. The description ended by saying the wine has a honey flavour after taste, years ago M&S did a Chenin Blanc that had a honeyed after taste that was gorgeous, so I was interested to see if this one would be as nice.

Phil had a sip and declared it too thin, I had a bigger sip and the flavours came through, light, fresh wine with a honeyed aftertaste. It worked very well with the food, but IMO wasn't as nice after we'd eaten. An eating wine, not a drinking wine.

If you get the meal deal I'd definitely recommend picking this as the wine to go with it.

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