Tuesday, 3 January 2012

York Cocoa House

Phil and I took a walk around York yesterday to celebrate the Bank Holiday.  I'd been especially looking forward to going to York to go to York Cocoa House.

Opened in November 2011, York Cocoa House is located on Blake Street, just round the corner from where the Park and Ride buses drop off and pick up.  The shop sells chocolates and also has a lovely little cafe selling a wide range of hot chocolates, teas, coffees and some delicious looking cakey treats.

We walked in to a warm welcome from Sophie, had a browse of the shop and then settled in the cafe for a hot chocolate each.

I opted for a ginger hot chocolate and Phil an orange one.

The hot chocolates were delicious, lovely and warm and comforting.  Just what we needed after being on a cold bus.

The shop is filled with lots of chocolatey treats, from truffles to chocolate numbers.  Knowing I'm starting a diet tomorrow I didn't purchase any chocolate, but it took a lot of will power to walk out without any!

York Cocoa House also offer a range of courses, parties and workshops from the shop which I'm sure will be popular.

It was definitely worth a stop for me, and I wish Sophie and York Cocoa House lots of success - I'll be visiting again next time I'm over in York.


  1. Oh must go there! Looks delicious.

  2. This does look good. I love York and now I have a new reason to go. Thanks for sharing.


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