Monday, 20 February 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - Out with friend, maybe have a snack out
Tuesday - Eating at friend's house
Wednesday - Probably bolognese
Thursday - Cake Club, I'll be eating my weight in cake
Friday - fish of some sort, roasted veg
Saturday - Who knows!
Sunday - roast chicken, veggies

My meal planning is rubbish this week!  It's good to be so busy, but I'll be tired come Sunday.

On Saturday night I have no idea what's happening.  We've offered to have some of Phil's friends over for a meal, with kids in tow.  So I could be potentially cooking for 8.  The most I usually cook for is 4.

I need to do something simple, yet will appear fancy, these people know I'm a food blogger so will expect fancy cuisine.  Thing is, I'm not that good cook.  

Most importantly it needs to be teenager friendly.  My dinner parties have never catered for children before.  Nor have I cooked for so many before.  I'm at a loss with timings too, Phil's boys demand food pretty much as soon as the clock strike 5.  Yet I normally eat on a Saturday between 7 and 8.  I absolutely cannot have a dinner party at 5pm.

I have sorted in my mind that the kids can eat in the living room, and the grown ups will eat at the dining table.  That's as far as I've got.

So do I do food specially for the kids, and something different for grown ups?

LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE I feel sick at the thought of the stress I'll put myself under next Saturday.  That's if it even happens, we don't know if they're coming yet!!!

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  1. Hmmm, that certainly sounds like a challenge. How many courses are you thinking?

    The immediate thought that sprang to my mind was some sort of baked pasta dish - serve with a green salad and garlic bread. It's child friendly, and you can do two so one can be cooked and ready for five and one a bit later on. This Delia recipe is fab:

    Then you could stick with an Italian theme and just do antipasta for a starter - selection of meats, some bread with oil and balsamic for dipping, olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes etc.

    Hope it all works out whatever you decide - try to have fun with it, if all else fails just ply all guests with wine :-))


  2. (teenage children you said?) Stick a chilli in the slow cooker, baked potatoes in the oven , rice if you want, crusty bread , made from a bread mix (wrights do a good one) chocolate mousse for dessert (served in awine glass and fancied up with flakes buttons etc ? or devonshire chocolate cheesecake (easy peasy!)keep it simple ! or homemade pizzas get kids making their own from prepared fillings ? entertainment and food ?

  3. Similar to the first post - I was going to say lasagne. Make two - one for the kids that's not as rich and one for the grown ups that's chock full of red wine and goodness. You can do them ages before too and forget about it so it's not too stressful.

    Serve with loads of garlic bread and salad. Shop bought garlic bread for the kids, nice ciabatta for the grown ups? The adults can have olives and antipasti meats beforehand too.

    Even better, do them in disposable containers so you can just chuck them away and minimize on the washing up.

    I would suggest it to the parents first though, and make sure there's nothing that the kids don't like. I was going to do this for the in-laws on a break away at new year only to find that some of the kids didn't like cheese sauce, so it became two massive pots of spag bol instead! (I was cooking for 15 though - bit of a nightmare)

    Something chocolatey or cheescakey for pud has got to be a crowd pleaser.

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    this pizza recipe teenager friendly and they could be made up in advance ready to wack into the oven so you can concentrate on dishes for the adults. then the kids can just sit in the front room pigging out in a casual kind of way, while you have a more formal tea in the dining room. you could even chop up some toppings for them to choose from themselves if you were feeling very generous!

    love the idea of antipasti to start, simple to prepare and looks very sophisticated/foodie!

    good luck! you should blog about how it goes, i'm intrigued now!


  6. Thanks for all your fabulous suggestions. As it turns out they can't come on Saturday and are now coming on Tuesday. A dinner party on a Tuesday night. Kill me now. I am dreading it.


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