Thursday, 1 March 2012

Budget Salmon fishcakes

I make no secret of the fact I love fishcakes.  I could eat them most nights of the week quite happily.  Chip shop style with scallops of potato, thai style, herby or just plain old fish and potato.

As we had an abundance of tinned salmon in the cupboards I opted to use that, making it a much cheaper meal.

1 tin salmon
mashed potato
chopped fresh parsley
chopped fresh chives
splash of milk
plain flour
1 egg

If you haven't any left over mashed potato (and lets be serious - who does have left over mash??) then peel and chop some potatoes and pop them on to boil.

Chop the herbs and add to a bowl.

Drain your tin of tuna and then add that to the bowl, mixing in well.

When the potatoes are cooked mash them adding in a small amount of milk to keep them wet, then add the mashed potato to the bowl of salmon and herbs.

Season with salt and pepper.  

Get out three small plates, add plain flour to one, the egg to the other - ensuring it's mixed in, then the breadcrumbs to the last.

Using the plates like a conveyor belt firstly flour your hands then take a splodge of the fishcake mixture.  Shape that into your required size and then coat it with the flour, then dip into the egg and then lastly into the breadcrumbs.  Make sure all the fishcake is covered at each stage.  Then set aside for frying while you make the rest.

Heat oil in a frying pan and carefully add the fishcakes, leaving to fry until crisp and turning over to brown the other side.

I usually make 2 per person and fry in batches of three, popping the first three done into the oven to keep warm.

I served the fishcakes with mini jacket potatoes, peas, sweetcorn and a generous dollop of mayo.  Yummy!

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  1. I have tons of smoked haddock in the freezer and am running out of ideas of what to do with it (sick of risotto). This post has just inspired me to make fishcakes for dinner! x


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