Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lower Fat Potato Dauphinoise

I used this BBC Good Food recipe as the basis for how to make my lower fat dauphinoise as part of our Easter Sunday meal.

But I replaced the full fat creme fraiche for low fat, the thyme sprigs for basil and the shallot with half an onion.  I followed the method of the recipe though and cooked for an hour and a half - our oven is a little temperamental so I had to give the potatoes a quick nuke in the microwave to make sure they were soft.  I'd probably cook these at a higher heat in our oven than the recipe suggests.

I wanted to use my mandoline slicer to cut the potatoes but it was as though Phil read my mind, and knowing my habits of being extremely clumsy he'd peeled the potatoes as requested and then chopped them for me, spoiling my fun but possibly saving us a trip to A&E...

We had the dauphinoise with slow cooked lamb shanks.  I'd never cooked lamb shank before so followed this recipe from BBC Food to the letter to make them.  Until Easter Sunday the only way I'd ever cooked lamb was in curry - I do a mean slow cooker lamb saag.

The meal was a success, Phil loved the lamb and I loved the potatoes.  I only managed a bit of my lamb and then gave the rest to Phil, the portion size was too much meat for me, but I ate all my potatoes and then ate the leftover potatoes for my supper later.

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