Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday (on a Tuesday)

Morning everyone, I'm back from holidays feeling recharged, refreshed and my interest in food has reawakened (well for now at least!).  We did our weekly shop yesterday evening, I usually do a meal plan on a Sunday and we umm and ahhh together about what we want to eat - it's hard to decide!

Monday - we had salad, mine with fish goujons, Phil's with chicken
Tuesday -  Mushroom risotto, I have shitake mushrooms and some good old chestnut ones
Wednesday -  I'm meeting a friend for tea, I'd quite like to go to Little Tokyo in Leeds, and Phil and the boys are having Sausage and Mash
Thursday - Edit - remembered: Pasta and Pesto, with chicken for Phil.  Quick easy tea because we're going swimming that evening!
Friday - Chicken curry, rice and naan breads - I'll be picking the chicken out of mine
Saturday - Fish Pie and peas
Sunday - Roast pork, dauphinoise potatoes, asparagus, peas, carrots

I'll be getting the pork from the butchers and need to pop to one of the local asian supermarkets near my work for some coconut milk - all I could find in Morrisons at Wetherby last night was the Blue Dragon coconut milk for £1.88! Shocking price!

Pop on over to Mrs M's blog for the rest of the meal plans.

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