Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jamie Oliver's fish pie

A few weeks ago I really fancied fish pie, so headed to google and found this Jamie recipe as I'm still a bit wary of eating prawns while pregnant we just had some frozen coley as the fish part of our pie.  I also added a little bit of creme fraiche and opted to leave out the optional tomato.

It didn't look all that appetising when I dished up - in fact I declared it to look like vomit... but it tasted lovely.

The lemon made the pie really tangy, and the grated veg made it like no other fish pie I'd had before.  I loved it though and will definitely have this again, but probably sticking to the likes of cod/coley/haddock/smoked haddock and leaving out prawns and salmon.  I'm glad I went for adding the spinach, some extra greens are always needed.

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