Friday, 1 June 2012

Little Tokyo, Leeds

I went for tea with my lovely friend Mrs P on Wednesday night.  We had a milkshake to start with at iCandy, just up from Primark, and then headed down to Little Tokyo.

I would have loved to try a Bento box but my pregnant belly just doesn't like getting too full, so I went for the 12 veggie sushi rolls. (12 were a mistake, I should have had 6).  Mrs P went for a chicken noodle dish which looked fab, but alas the bump has an aversion to chicken so not one I could try.

Like most people who hadn't eaten in Little Tokyo before I was surprised by how nice the inside is, the outside makes it look - well cheap really.  But inside is lovely.  I liked the fish pond, but the stairs upto the toilets nearly finished me off!

My veggie sushi was lovely, I'll be glad when I can eat raw fish again (not to mention pâté, how I mispâté!).  I'll definitely be going back for a Bento box, the others I saw out on tables looked fantastic.

My milkshake from iCandy was really good too, I wish I'd taken a picture.  I'll definitely go back there again for a milkshake and something delicious and sweet to eat.

Are you a Little Tokyo fan?

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  1. Hi rach. We've been a few times to Little Tokyo and love it. Can thoroughly recommend the Bento box and the pork dim sum are wonderful! We keep going back and trying different stuff - had the noodles a couple of times in different guises - yummy!


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