Monday, 4 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Happy Jubilee Bank Holiday!

As it's Monday and we're going to do our weekly shop tomorrow I'd better do some meal planning for this next week.

My meal plan for last week didn't really go to plan, I didn't feel like cooking on Friday and nothing could make me want a fish pie on Saturday - I ended up with a jacket potato, cheese and beans.  Yesterday was spent celebrating the jubilee with a parade and then a trip to the carnival.  I ended up having a burger and a crepe rather than the pork we should have had.

So this week:

Monday - M&S Dine in for two, burgers, chips, apple pie and Phil has a bottle of wine
Tuesday - fish pie, asparagus, peas
Wednesday - Phil's spag bol, with fruit salad for pudding
Thursday -  freezer forage, although I need to try and see what there is in there!
Friday - freezer forage the 2nd
Saturday - ready meal for Phil (the joy of being on call) and a meal out in Harrogate for me
Sunday - BBQ, my Dad's birthday so will be descending on the parents

A fairly cheap week for us at the supermarket, we just need some mince and then fresh fruit and veg.  And lots of milk - my latest craving (or greedy desire) are chocolate milkshakes.

We'll be heading out late tonight for the lighting of the Tadcaster Jubilee Beacon to end our jubilee celebrations.  What are you eating this week?

As always you can catch the rest of the meal plans on Mrs M's blog.


  1. Thank you, I think the BBQ will be rained off on Sunday unfortunately!


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