Friday, 8 June 2012

My love of the Freezer

If you read my meal plan for this week you'd know I was planning on having a freezer forage for Thursday and Friday night.  These types of meals make me remember how much I love having a freezer.

In my mind I'm still cooking for three (or four) so we regularly have leftovers which I have a naughty habit of putting in a plastic tub in the freezer without any kind of labelling and then forgetting they're there, so I'm often found looking quizzically into the frozen plastic boxes and wondering what on earth could be in them.

On Thursday we used up some potato waffles I had lurking in one of the freezer drawers, some left over fish pie from Tuesday from the fridge, and some good old beans.  (I like to have a supply of at least four tins of beans in the house, and panic slightly when the number is lower).  While I was searching the freezer I came across a large tub of what could have been curry, vegetable stew or a thick soup, so decided to defrost that for this evening's meal.

It turned out it was a sweet potato and pea curry that I'd cooked a few weeks back.  I also had 4 naan bread jammed into the freezer so quickly defrosted and toasted them up to accompany it.

The curry was a little mushy and baby food looking, but was very tasty!

In my freezer you'll usually find: random leftovers, some kind of bread product (currently 2 bagels & 2 naan breads, but usually a pack of pitta breads so I can quickly whip up a pitta bread pizza), ice lollies (8 soleros), oven chips, potato wedges, frozen peas, prawns, frozen fish, veggie burger type things, unused fresh pasta, random frozen veg (spinach at the moment) and wine cubes (perfect for rustling up a super quick prawn linguine).  When I lived in the flat I would usually have an emergency pizza in the freezer, but I can't see pizza lasting long in our freezer!

Being pregnant there aren't any wine cubes, and it's been a while since I picked up any fresh pasta - frozen tortelini and a tomato, basil and philadelphia cheese sauce are a lazy tea favourite, so I'll have to stock up on those next time I see some on offer!

In my two weeks of maternity leave before baby is due I plan on doing a lot of batch cooking and freezing portions of things like curry, bolognese, chilli, cauliflower cheese... so I have something in the freezer that can be just thrown in.  I lack inspiration with batch cooking though - does anyone have any exciting suggestions to tempt me away from 20 plastic boxes of bolognese?!


  1. Sausage casserole is usually in my freezer somewhere. I once made a chickpea chilli and froze that and there was so much of it I ended up defrosting it, blending it and making it in to soup! I usually have a box of mince that can be used for shepherds pie/cottage pie and will always make the mash fresh as it goes a bit fuzzy in the cold. It's also what I use for cottage pie potatoes. Turkey meatballs in sauce is another favourite, and falafel! Surprising easy to make and you can make a big batch and make falafel burgers, or wraps or whatever else you want!

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