Monday, 9 July 2012

Baked Bean Corned Beef Hash

I've found that being pregnant I'll often hear someone talking about some food, then desperately want to have it myself - sometimes that lasts until I get to eat the food, an all consuming desire that has to be sated, but sometimes the craving just goes away.  I had the later with Corned Beef a couple of weeks ago.  If there'd been a tin near me at that time I would have eaten the lot, but after a few hours I'd forgotten all about corned beef - except the very harassed Phil had gone and bought me some specially.

I decided to make some good old comfort food Corned Beef Hash in place of the soup I had planned for yesterday.  When I was midway through cooking it I realised we didn't have one pea or kernel of sweetcorn in the I improvised....with baked beans.

I was pretty happy with the result, lovely chunks of potato, the richness of the meat, the texture of the beans - it isn't the prettiest of dishes though!!

What do you have in your corned beef hash?  For me peas and sweetcorn are a must - and I actually prefer it with tinned potatoes used in it!


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