Saturday, 28 July 2012

Croatia - Strukli

In day 2 of the Olympic Food Challenge I was representing Croatia.  After extensive googling I found an interesting recipe for a famous Croatian appetiser.  Unfortunately that recipe didn't include a picture on what the finished dish should look like....

I followed the recipe, making the dough, leaving it to proof, then making the filling.  I rolled out the dough, then added the filling and rolled up.  As there were only two of us eating I didn't make the full quantity of dough, or filling, but I was left with a lot of filling... It seemed like an excellent idea to add that to the dish when the strukli went in to be baked with the cream....  And there was my error.  If I'd googled images of Strukli I would have known it's supposed to go crispy... not be a soggy mess like mine was!

Phil still ate his, even though it was like eating a soggy dumpling, minus the stew.

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