Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic Food Challenge - Virgin Islands

Tonight I am representing the Virgin Islands with the first of my dishes for the Olympic Food challenge.

The Virgin Islands have sent 7 athletes to London to compete in the games, there's even a Virgin Islands Olympic website!  Being pregnant I haven't been able to match my meals to drinks from my allocated countries, but if I could then I would have had to have had a rum tonight.

After a bit of google searching I found this recipe for Mango chicken which hails from the United States Virgin Islands, the Western Islands, the Eastern Islands form the British Virgin Islands.

I absolutely loved this recipe, it wasn't too fiddly for making on an evening after a tiring day at work, and was really tasty - although very, very sweet.  I was lazy and used shop bought mango chutney, if I wasn't pregnant I might have been tempted to make my own, but there's only so much standing I can do on these poor swollen feet.

I bashed the chicken up to flatten it a bit, then seasoned and added mango chutney, and folded in half.  If I'd remembered to order some cocktail sticks then the next bits might have been a wee bit less messy...  I dipped the chicken in flour, then the evaporated milk, then the egg, then lastly the breadcrumbs (yes they are those awful shop ones, I keep an emergency store of them for when I can't be bothered to make breadcrumbs), then I added the chicken to the pan to sear and colour up, while I repeated the process on the other chicken breast.  When both of them had started to colour up I popped them into a pre-heated oven for 25 mins.  I threw together a salad to go with our chicken, I think I should have had rice to be authentic, but I'm having plenty of rice over the next few weeks...

The end result was a wee bit burnt, but I like a nice crunchy outside to my chicken...

I'll definitely be making these again!

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