Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Suriname - Fish Masala

I'm disgracefully behind with my Olympic Food Challenge - sorry Ewan!

On Saturday I used this recipe http://www.islandflave.com/recipes/79-suriname-recipes/445-fish-masala to make Fish Masala - and three of us tried this one! I still had a normal fish, potatoes, sweetcorn and sauce to do though - but Phil helped me get it all done.

This recipe was really easy to follow, and the curry sauce tasted great- although was very, very sweet! I've never used tomato sauce in curry before!!

I didn't have any lemon salt but added a squeeze of lemon juice for some acidity.

As we'd only had rice the night before I served this with my take on Bombay potatoes... I didn't get them crispy enough though!

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