Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

I was sent a lovely teapot and some Twinings green tea in  the post last week, but I don't have much of a taste for green tea, so at the supermarket today I picked up some of their Earl Grey tea to use with my new teapot.

As a child I remember my Grandma drinking Earl Grey, always from a china cup, with saucer and always without milk with a slice of lemon.  The smell of Earl Grey always makes me think of her.

I forgot the slice of lemon this evening, and don't own a cup with a saucer - but I think my Daschund Emma Bridgewater cup is a good enough alternative.

You can buy tea online where there's also a selection of tea gifts (my favourite is the Royal Wedding spotted teapot.

Earl Grey is a real treat for me, it's something I'll probably buy once a year and then use sparingly, I think if I drank it all the time it might not feel so special.

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