Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ask, Wetherby

I received £30 in vouchers to do a review of an Ask Italian Restaurant, I think I was meant to be doing the Headingley branch but we never seem to have any call for being in Headingley at tea time at the moment, so I used them at the Wetherby branch on Monday 6th August instead.

We walked in and were unsure of if we should wait to be seated or go and find our own seats.  The restaurant had people in, but wasn't packed.  It felt like we were stood ages before someone dealt with us and said we could sit where we wanted.  Other people who came in were seen much quicker than we were and shown to tables, so I'm a bit confused why we weren't.  Dithering around not knowing what we should be doing is a pet hate of mine when eating out, so some clearer direction of either sit yourself where you like or wait there would be nice.

We were given menus and our drinks order taken straight away.  Then we were given a couple of minutes to read the normal menu before the waitress was back to take our food order - we'd barely had time to look so asked for a few more minutes.  We were then left for ages without the order being taken - teaching us a lesson perhaps?

We opted to share a garlic bread with cheese as a side and then I ordered Rigatoni al Manzo Piccante (meatballs) and Phil ordered Fettucine Bolognese.  We didn't have to wait long for the food to come, and when it came out it was piping hot.  I was very disappointed with my meal - when I picked meatballs I was expecting two or three large ones, what came were small chunks of meat that were vaguely round, but were half the size of a Campbells meatball!  The sauce was pleasantly spicy, not too over powering, and I liked the side salad it came with.  Our garlic bread with cheese was very light on the cheese, but OK.  Phil's Fettucine Bolognese was average, not terrible but nothing special.

Being of the greedy persuasion I decided I wanted a pudding.  I had honeycomb cheesecake and Phil opted for Tiramisu.  The cheesecake was a decent sized portion, and satisfyingly sweet but it was a bit sloppy, I prefer a firmer cheesecake texture - but that could just be me.  Phil enjoyed his tiramisu, possibly because unlike when I make it, you could actually taste something other than booze...

The service was pleasant and friendly, although a little hit and miss with either leaving plates for a long time or whipping them away as soon as we finished eating.

I have to say that I think we made the wrong choices ordering pasta - the pizzas that we saw arrive at nearby tables looked delicious, I was kicking myself for not having gone for one, but we were in pasta kinda moods that evening.

The final bill came to around £38, for our mains, a side, two desserts and two soft drinks.

I would visit Ask again, and go for a pizza next time, but only if I had a discount voucher (same as I feel about Pizza Express). I think it would make a nice atmosphere for a catch up with the girls over a few large glasses of wine, but also was very child friendly too, so I wouldn't feel worried about going for a bite to eat and bringing the baby along.

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  1. I had a similar experience at the ask in York - slow service at the start and then almost too quick when you don't want it to be! The food is nice but average, but as you say can be good for a quick catch up or family meal. Just a shame the service isn't better.


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