Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bangladesh - Beef Curry

Wikipedia tells me that Bangladesh sent 5 athletes to London.  I haven't a clue to which events though - I can't recall having seen any Bangladeshi athletes in anything so far.

I originally found a beef chittagong recipe to do for Bangladesh, but couldn't find it again, so googled Bangladeshi Beef Curry and came upon this http://allrecipes.com/recipe/authentic-bangladeshi-beef-curry/.  I have no idea if this is an authentic curry - but it's the first one I've made that doesn't use tomatoes, yoghurt or coconut milk.

As I was cooking it I was sceptical of how it would taste, and the meat didn't look particularly tender in the pan - oh was I wrong!  This curry was delicious, the meat was tender and the curry packed full of flavour!

The only thing I will do differently when making this again is to use less oil!

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