Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fiji - Goat Curry

Fiji sent 9 athletes to compete in London at 6 sports, but unfortunately haven't won any medals.  My google searching left me with loads of dishes I was tempted to try, Ginger Fish, Cassava cake, Kokoda but as soon as I saw the recipe for Fijian Goat Curry I was sold - it had to be that one.  The lovely Ewan gave me a heads up that one of the butcher's stalls in Leeds market had goat in so off we went to get some.

Because I wasn't cooking that amount of goat I tried to reduce the recipe - but got a bit confused with how much water to add in - I also added far too much yoghurt by accident (it came out too quick!).  I cooked the meat for the length of time indicated in the recipe but we both found the goat to be tough.   Phil had a big portion for lunch yesterday and said it tasted much better after the flavours developing overnight, and a blast in the microwave softened the meat some more.

I just didn't feel like I'd done the goat justice - if I did this sort of goat curry again I'd put it in the slow cooker, like I do for my lamb saag - in fact I'd definitely do a goat saag.

We ate ours with some couscous, I made a quick raita and we used some of the shop bought mango chutney I had left from the Mango Chicken dish I made right at the start.

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