Monday, 13 August 2012

Myanmar - Mango Cake

Myanmar sent 6 athletes to London to compete in 5 sports, but unfortunately they didn't win any medals.  I'd originally lined up to do some split pea fritters for this country, but decided against it at the last minute after finding the Mango cake recipe.

I was intrigued by this recipe - but even after making it I still can't quite understand why it's called Mango cake and not just mango icecream - I thought it would have something to do with serving it in slices - but it was a nightmare to get out of the tub!

I had to make a custard, then freeze that while I made the mango syrup to go in it - I used leaf gelatine so I don't think it worked as well as powdered.  When the syrup was ready I had to mix that with the part frozen custard and then leave it all to freeze.

It tastes delicious!

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