Monday, 27 August 2012

Ogilvy's Honey

I was sent a press release about Ogilvy's Honey a few weeks ago and told to contact back if I'd like a sample.  I don't often post press releases, they're a bit boring as blog posts go, and my blog is about things I've eaten and made not reproducing other people's words, so when offered the chance of a sample I'd much rather try it for myself and give a proper opinion.

I was sent the Balkan Linden which is classed as a medium to light strength honey that's delicious in tea.

Well I can assure you that it doesn't make Dandelion Tea any more palatable.  Nothing in the world will make Dandelion Tea any more palatable.  I have been enjoying it on toast though.

Ogilvy's Honey is marketed as monofloral or polyfloral honey, where the honey is made entirely from one stock, rather than a blend.  I found the honey sweet, with a clear flavour, but not as strongly flavoured as I'm used to.  Honey on toast always reminds me of breakfast at my grandparents as a young child, it's one of my favourite things, so I'm very fussy when it comes to honey.  This would be a perfect one for someone who isn't as obsessive with strong flavours as I am, and prefers a more delicate touch to flavouring.

If I was picking honey to buy then I'd pretty much always go for a local one, but if I saw these in the supermarket and was looking for something better than a box standard own brand one then I'd definitely pick another one of these up to try.

Thank you very much for my sample.

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