Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Press release - Health Poverty Action

You’ve watched the TV programme and shouted out, “I can do better than that!” Well this is your opportunity to prove it by hosting your very own ‘Come Dine with Me’ evening to raise money for Health Poverty Action!

Health Poverty Action is an international health and development charity which provides basic but life-saving healthcare and education in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They work in places where conflict, oppression and poverty are denying people their right to health and specialize in providing basic but life-saving healthcare and education where there is none.  

The concept of a Come Dine with Me evening is simple - you cook dinner for a group of your friends; they come over and eat it (or hide it in their hand bag) - and each guest donates what they think the dinner was worth to Health Poverty Action.

You can introduce a bit of friendly competition by asking guests to return the favour by inviting the same group to a follow-up Come Dine with Me evening at theirs, where you get to score them and make a donation in return for their cooking.

The money you raise will make a huge difference to the lives of the world’s poorest people.

More information about holding a Come Dine with Me fundraiser can be found at or email Health Poverty Action on

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