Monday, 13 August 2012

The Olympic Food Challenge round up

What a challenge!  19 countries in 19 days. I am exhausted after all the cooking I've done over the last 19 days.  But I finished yesterday, although didn't get my posts done in time and caught up and posted 6 countries today.

If you haven't looked at the actual Olympic Food Challenge blog then head over and check it out:

A huge thank you to Ewan for putting this all together - and to all the other bloggers taking part, giving encouragement and posting their own fantastic posts.

My biggest thank you is to Phil though, who has put up with me throughout, and not moaned once that he didn't want to eat some strange food - he's helped, taken over when I was too exhausted to do any more, and suffered throughout this challenge without ever complaining.  He has the patience of a saint.


  1. Impressed with your dedication. Well done for completing this! Some good looking food too..

  2. Awesome. You've done it. Congratulations. This isn't easy as 123. I'm completely awed by your prowess. Well done!
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