Saturday, 11 August 2012

Yemen - Saltah

Yemen sent 4 competitors to London to compete in 3 sports, two using a wildcard.  Unfortunately they haven't been successful medalwise.  My google searching tells me that Yemen cuisine has a heavy Turkish influence.  I opted to make one of the National dishes - Saltah but unfortunately I couldn't find any hulbah or zhug to add at the end - I did find recipes for both, but there's only so much cooking a tired pregnant lady can do on a Wednesday night...  If I make this dish again then I'd go all out and make hulbah and zhug.

This was one of the dishes I was looking forward to most this week - because for some reason just about every other night we've had a curry of some sort.  I'd initially thought we'd all eat this but after realising it would take a while to cook Phil whipped up some eggs, beans and chips for the teens.  I can't describe how much I wanted those eggs, beans and chips too...  But on I ploughed.

It was worth it, I love coriander, so the amount in it was delicious to me, plus I love any kind of meat and potato stew.  I wasn't sure about adding the eggs at the end (those are the white bits) but it seemed to work. I had two portions and have some for our freezer!

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