Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Zero Baking Required - Ultimate Indulgence Mars Bar Rice Crispy Cake

When I was mid way through the Olympic Food Challenge I made my entry for Maison Cupcake's Zero Baking Required competition.  I chose to make an old family favourite - Mars Bar Rice Crispy Cake but decided to make this the Ultimate Indulgence Mars Bar Rice Crispy Cake.

My cake used 4 mars bars, melted over a low heat in a small saucepan with a hefty dollop of golden syrup.  When it was all melted and deliciously gooey I added the rice crispies, stirred to cover them all with the gooey goodness, and then added in smarties, chopped marshmellows, and some chopped up galaxy ripple.

I poured the mixture into a heart shaped silicone mould and whacked it into the fridge to set.  The heat of the chocolate and crispy mixture melted a lot of the marshmellow, so when I cut into the cake later it was very, very sticky and gooey.  But oh so nice!

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