Monday, 8 October 2012

In search of the perfect Parkin

I love bonfire night, not just for the excitement of the fire and fireworks, but for the food too.  Pie and peas, jacket potatoes and parkin - who could want more?

I'm going to use Parkin for one of my upcoming Clandestine Cake Club events, so I'm trying to get my recipe perfected.  I think Parkin can be quite individual - I like mine to be quite spicy and very treacley and sticky.

My first attempt of the year was using a waitrose recipe but I used oats rather than oatmeal, and increased the amount of flour - the mixture seemed too runny.  Predictably I got quite a dry cake.  For my next attempt I'll keep to the 200g of flour, but will use wholemeal instead, and use 200g of treacle and 100g of golden syrup.

Do you have a special Parkin recipe?


  1. I've never tried Parkin but it really looks lovely, i may have to have a go at making some this year if i can summon the energy.

  2. I think I'm running on empty at the moment - don't know how you're managing with Seb to look after too! I'm shattered and I have Phil looking after me!

  3. Parkin is one of my favourite bakes! I love Andrew Pern's recipe which is online here:


  4. Never baked a parkin in my life, which is rubbish because I love it. Yours looks great so I might give it a try. Agree that spicy, treacly and sticky is the way to go!


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