Sunday, 30 December 2012

Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals

I was kindly sent the 15 minute meals book to review, although this displeased Mama B as she'd planned on buying me it for Christmas... If you're planning on purchasing the book it's available on amazon but I do think I've seen it cheaper in WH Smiths.

After a quick flick through the recipes I decided to make the Sausage Gnocchi and Greek Chicken.  I liked the main components of these recipes, but not the side dishes - I find this a lot with Jamie's recipes.  I don't think he'll mind me improvising - and I really hope he doesn't hold me using a packet of couscous - I couldn't find the plain couscous on the Tesco website to get with my delivery, so I used an Ainsley Harriott one!

Both meals were delicious, but I would need to practice making both before I could make them in 15 minutes!

I've really enjoyed the series, so I was very pleased to have the book to go with it.  There's a lot of recipes in there that I'll make, or adapt to our tastes.  My only slight criticism of the recipes are that the ingredients are very expensive.  I certainly couldn't afford to do a full week of these meals.

Like all Jamie books the recipes are easy to follow, and the appearance of the book is lovely.  

This won't take the title of my favourite Jamie book though - that's still controversially the Jamie's Kitchen book.  

Do you have a favourite Jamie Oliver recipe book?


  1. mine is Jamies America, have a wonderful 2013

  2. Excellent choice, I have that one too!


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