Monday, 10 December 2012

Meal Planning Monday

It's been a long time since I linked up with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday - I have been meal planning for the last few weeks (although not really sticking to it) I just haven't had time to get a blog post done on it.

Monday - Slow cooker Chorizo stew (as inspired by Charlie)
Tuesday - Stuffed chicken with roasted veg (potatoes, carrot, tomatoes & beetroot)
Wednesday - Paella (Chicken & chorizo)
Thursday - Sweet potato and chilli soup
Friday - jacket potato, cheese & beans
Saturday - haddock & cheesy leeks
Sunday - slow cooker beef stew, cauliflower cheese & mash

I'm not doing anything too taxing this week because I also have my Christmas Hampers to finish (and a 5 week old to look after!).  I did the onion marmalade last week, this week is more carrot chutney and chilli jam.  I'll be making the baked goodies nearer to Christmas.

Is anyone else making goodies for Christmas hampers?

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  1. Christmas has snuck up on me this year but I am determined next year to do some food goodies for people as presents. Yours sound lovely!


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