Monday, 3 December 2012

Swizzels Christmas Sweets

Stuck for inspiration for the sweet lover in your life?  How about some Swizzels sweets...  I was sent some of their Christmas collection to review, and they've gone down a treat in our house.  Drumsticks are a favourite of mine so those have been earmarked for me!

Press release:

Calling all festive sweet fanatics. A new range of Christmas tins and tubes, that make perfect presents and stocking fillers, have been launched by Swizzels Matlow, the makers of Love Hearst, Parma Violets and Drumstick Lollies.

The festive collection sees Swizzels Matlow putting some of their most iconic brands into 750g tins. The new Sweet Shop Favourites product, which includes the popular new Squashies range, has an RSP of £5 and is available in Costco, Asda and Nisaway. The varied selection of well known brands is perfect for families to share and makes a fun gift.

Other products available exclusively in Tesco include750g The Superstars tin with an RSP of £5, a 324g Selection Pack with an RSP of £3 that includes a variety of Drumstick Lollies, Love Hearts and New Refresher Bars and  finally a 700g All Time Favourites Jar for £5. These family favourites are bright, with a modern design that's appealing to parents and children alike.

The Christmas range also includes three different 108g tubes of Mini Love Hearts, New Refreshers and Drumstick Lollies, all have an RSP of £1.49 and are all available in Waitrose and Asda. The products' festive snowflake and ribbon packaging has been designed to attract seasonal shoppers and convert traditional chocolate eaters.

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