Friday, 18 January 2013

Slimming World Week 2

I allowed myself a few more syns in week 2, once I'd got my head round the diet a bit more.  Having a couple of glasses of wine was nice, but I was conscious not to have any more than that and use up an entire week of syns on booze, especially when I had cake club on Tuesday.

I survived cake club by just having a tiny bit of each cake, and taking mine in a smaller box - thus meaning I couldn't bring as much cake home with me!  For my cake I tried to make a quark cake - what a massive disaster, won't be trying that one again!

I couldn't stop for group this week so just got weighed.  I lost another 3Ib, total weightloss of 7.5Ib!  I got my 1/2 stone sticker.

Not bad going considering I'd had some cake the night before!

 I have marmite on toast most mornings, either on it's own or with poached or boiled eggs.

I can't get enough of toffee mullerlight yoghurts, this is my take on a slimming world toffee apple! 

Turkey rashers, mushrooms, beans, scrambled eggs and toast - delicious!

Slow cooker beef stew with slimming world "dumplings" - smash, onion and chive cottage cheese and 2 beaten eggs.

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