Thursday, 3 January 2013

Slimming World

After years of saying I would never, ever pay someone to weigh me and years of yoyo dieting, and with the inevitable regain then getting bigger and bigger I finally realised that I just can't do it by myself.  So I've joined my local Slimming World group.  I've lost 2 stone of my pregnancy weight, but I needed to lose weight as it was before getting pregnant, so I have a long slog to get the weight off.

After weighing last night I've set a target of losing 3st12Ib.  That doesn't bring me to what the NHS say I should weigh, but anything over 4st just doesn't seem achievable right now.

I was scared to death when I walked in, especially as everyone seemed to know each other - but then everyone does know each other in Tad - it's just me that doesn't know anyone!  There were only 3 of us new last night but our consultant reckoned the group size would double over January - there's still quite a bit of naughty food left after Christmas in our fridge - perhaps I should have done what everyone else is doing and joined on 9th Jan!

I sat through the group session but the majority of people seemed to come, get weighed and then leave - I think I'll find the group session very annoying, so I'll stick it for a while.  During the session a raffle was drawn, which I bought a ticket for even though I had no idea what the raffle was for - I just felt obliged to purchase it when approached.  The raffle was to win either a basket of fruit or one of veg.  There was much excitement over some Pak Choi - with all but 2 people (and me) having never seen one before, or even heard of it.  There was a lot of wonderment about what to do with it, which having used it I did know - but I didn't want to come across like a little know it all, so I kept quiet with it being my first session.

A large portion of the group seem to be Pensioners, hence the lack of Pak Choi knowledge (although my Gran knows what Pak Choi is - how they've never heard of it I don't know).  I was a bit disappointed with that because I thought it might be another way of meeting some new people and getting some pals round here.

So today I've experienced my first day.

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices wholemeal toasted bread (no butter) 0 syns
Dinner: pasta, tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese and homemade honey & mustard dressing 5.5 syns
Tea: jacket potato, beans, bacon (all fat removed - so scraps of bacon really)
Snacks: 2 bananas, clementine
Healthy a: semi skimmed milk used in tea & coffee
Healthy b: the 2 slices of bread at breakfast

I think I've gone wrong because I'm still hungry.

Right now I want to go and have some cereal, but I don't have digital scales and don't really know how much 35g would be.  Plus I don't really fancy All Bran, I fancy Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - those are 5.5 syns for 25g!

I don't think I've eaten enough fruit and veg, but I just don't fancy carrot sticks and celery right now.

Does anyone have any Slimming World tips for me??


  1. Do you like pasta and sauce, or super noodles? Student type food, but great for a snack if you're hungry later on. Do you like savoury or sweet snacks?

  2. I like all snacks... Probably 50/50 sweet and savoury now, used to just be savoury. Are all the pasta & sauces free? Can't do supernoodles, they're like wiggly worms.

  3. Well done on joining. I've done SW previously and lost about 2.5 stone on it. I would suggest bulking up on easy fruit / veg as often as you can. Eg, add some tomatoes, mushrooms etc. I eat tomatoes with every meal if possible. Things like par-boiled corn on the cob are always & bulking up on mixed veg like a floret mix.

    Also handy snacks like cherry tomatoes (yes, I'm obsessed) ham, chicken might be more appealing than the celery sticks at the moment!!

  4. You're right, you shouldn't need to feel hungry when doing SW. Remember you can have as much as you like of free foods, so you can always increase the amount of these you have in meals.

    The snacks I used to have a lot were those pasta mug shot things - there are a lot of free ones and some are 1/2 or 1 syn. If you are craving something sweet, muller light yogurts are a godsend as they are free! You can pour them over fruit do a syn free snack. If you want a pudding, a meringue filled with banana and topped mitigate toffee muller light (or with strawberries and vanilla muller light) is just lovely.

    Will have a think about what else I used to eat! :) hope that helps x

  5. Oh, the other thing I meant to say was I actually found that the group past was quite useful for motivation (even though I was generally sat on my own and a lot of It was dull). I picked up a lot of tips from others and ideas for meals etc. Of course, everyone is different, but I found when I stopped going to group was also when I lost motivation. So may be worth giving it a go for a month or so?

    Good luck :)

  6. No SW tips from me I'm afraid - I'm on the dark side :-) But wanted to wish you the very best of luck.



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