Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday (on a Tuesday)

I normally always meal plan, so we can then do our weekly shop, but I don't always get the time to blog what we're eating.

We're away this weekend so I'm only planning until Friday, seeing as we'll be eating out on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday - lamb steaks with roasted veg (potatoes, carrots and swede), with peas (and gravy for Phil)
Tuesday - Chicken curry with rice
Wednesday - cheesy mushroom pasta (SW All in One cookbook)
Thursday - Chilli with jacket potatoes
Friday - Cheesy ham and potato hash (SW All in One cookbook) with broccoli

I bought the slimming world all in one book the other week but haven't made anything out of it yet.  Looking through the recipes I'll have to amend quite a lot of them to suit all our tastes. But that makes things a bit more interesting.

Last week I ate out on the Saturday night, I opted for a chicken and bacon risotto over a pizza - even though I really fancied pizza, but I had goats cheese to start.  And wine.  And beer...

This weekend I'll try to make good choices that are as close to being slimming world friendly as I can.

You can find the other meal planners on Mrs M's blog.

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