Thursday, 7 March 2013

Argento wine tasting at Fazenda Rodizio

We've had Fazenda on our list of places to try for a very long time.  We attended a wine master class there a few Monday's ago.  Wine and meat - what could be better?

We were seated, given a short talk on how Fazenda works and then had an introduction to the evening and the wines from the Argento wine rep.  If you haven't been before the set up at Fazenda is very simple - you help yourself to the generous buffet, and then turn your card over to green if you want meat.  The waiting staff then bring round the different meats and serve to you.

We tried two white wines, three red wines and a rose over the evening.

My favourites were the Torrontes white wine and Malbec red wine - the white as a drinking wine, and the red as a good accompaniment to eating wine.

I really enjoyed the food as well as the wine, the salad buffet bar caters for all tastes.  The meat was fantastic, the beef cooked to a nice rare/medium rare, and the waiting staff were great and very patient.  We were coaxed into trying the chicken hearts, and advised to squeeze some lemon juice on them - they were delicious.  

My only slight reservation about Fazenda is the price for vegetarians - £19.50 just to use the buffet is very steep, and might possibly put us off trying it with my parents. (Mum only eats well done beef so sticks to veggie when out).

But I'll definitely go back with Phil again though, all the meat makes it a perfect meal for him.  The next wine master class is 19th March, and if Phil wasn't on call then we'd definitely be going along for that one.

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