Sunday, 24 March 2013

Coffee and Cake - The Arch Cafe, Leeds

We went to The Arch Cafe in Leeds last month to meet Dave and Laura for a long overdue catch up. All profits from the cafe go to Age UK Leeds.

I had a cup of tea and a lovely slice of fruitcake which came with butter and cheese - it was moist enough not to need the butter though.  Because I knew I could hand Missy over for cuddles I opted for tea, which came in a nice (non-drippy) teapot.

Space - Not too bad, a slight squeeze where we sat but nobody minded moving for me to get by with the pram.  Sitting nearer the door would have been easier with the pram.
Price - very reasonable, a plus for my dwindling purse
Baby changing - superb, lovely and clean
Help - very helpful, no problem providing hot water
Coffee - my cup of tea was lovely, I've had coffee there since and that was lovely too
Cake - Delicious, baked fresh on site - the Arch Cafe are now baking cakes from the Clandestine Cake Club book, I've heard nothing but good things about the cake there.

Arch Cafe is definitely very high on my list for going with Missy, we've been back twice since.

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