Sunday, 24 March 2013

Coffee and Cake

Whilst on Maternity Leave I've been enjoying getting out and about with my little one and treating myself to a nice cup of coffee, and usually a piece of cake or a scone to go with it.  My rationale for choosing somewhere is:

Space - can I go there with the pram?
Price - is it stupidly expensive? On mat leave every penny counts.
Baby changing - are there facilities - if yes, how clean are they?
Help - do they mind providing me with hot water to warm the bottle? Is customer service above average?
Coffee - is the coffee nice (prior to having a baby it would have been first consideration)
Cake - are the cakes nice?

I've noticed that whilst the chains can often answer positively for baby changing and usually space, they factor lower for help - starbucks wouldn't let me have the hot water for health and safety reasons, pret charged for the hot water.

I'll be posting my thoughts on places we have been.

Do you have any recommendations of places to go for coffee and cake with a baby in tow?  I get to Leeds and York most weeks, and of course am always out and about in Tadcaster.

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