Monday, 11 March 2013

Hotel Chocolat Cow Beastie Egg

I was sent a Cow Beastie Egg to review.  The egg comes with mini praline and salted caramel filled eggs.

I love Hotel Chocolat, I know I shouldn't, and should only buy from independent chocolatiers, but I know where I am with Hotel Chocolat - I know that if I'm feeling a bit sad then a slab of Hotel Chocolate will always cheer me up.

Because I'm trying to be a good girl and not have too many syns the only bit I tried were the little eggs.  I'm not a big praline fan but the amount in the little eggs was just spot on for me.  Of course I loved the salted caramel ones, I adore anything with salted caramel in!

Phil had the big egg and really enjoyed it - but who wouldn't enjoy chocolate?

The Easter collection from Hotel Chocolat looks better than I remember last year's being.  I love the hamper, and the extra thick easter eggs.

Have you picked out the Easter egg you want yet?

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