Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Penn State Pretzels

I was sent two bags of Penn State Pretzels to review.

We ate the Smoky BBQ on their own, but used the original sea salted in the recipe sent to me to try.

Chocolate Pots with pretzel crunch
200g chocolate (plain or milk works best)
300ml double cream
1 egg yolks
30g crushed Penn State pretzels

Melt the chocolate gently over a pan.
Add the cream little by little.
Fold in the egg yolks until the mixture looks glossy.
Break up the pretzels using your hand – Sea Salted work best as a contrast to the sweet chocolate.
Add the mixture together.
Spoon or pour the mixture into separate cups or ramekins and leave to chill.
Serve with raspberries on top and enjoy with friends.

The chocolate pots are very, very rich - so I wouldn't recommend being a fat pig and serving these between two - they could have served six easily.  I ate mine and spent the rest of the evening regretting being so greedy.

I liked the salty addition to the chocolate pots, but I knew I would because I absolutely love salted caramel.

I don't think I ground them down enough though because Phil thought the texture was a bit like eating soggy crisps, so I would recommend a heartier bashing of the pretzels than I managed.

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