Friday, 31 May 2013

On eating out

We haven't had that many meals out in restaurants so far this year.  I feel like I've "gone off" eating out.  It's just not appealing to me like it used to.  We had some tapas on bank holiday Monday in Leeds at La Tasca, and I was left feeling disappointed with the food and out of pocket.  I can't seem to justify the spend on eating out at the moment and feel like we wasted £30 and should have had a Boots sarnie instead!

Trying to eat out with a baby feels almost impossible, where will be big enough for us to take her pram, where will be quick enough so she isn't getting bored, where has decent baby changing....  I can't get enough of a quick coffee (and slice of cake) but to have the time to sit and eat a meal feels unachievable and stressful when she's with us.  I'm not getting any enjoyment from eating out.

Going out on an evening feels almost as impossible - it's either going out separately - which I then feel guilty about, or taking her to my parents so they can babysit which disrupts her routine.  Plus we're shattered and don't really feel like going out.

Then there's the Slimming World issue to consider.  Whenever I'm on a diet I go off food, eating out is hassle.  Going to a carvery for a roast, or a chain pub where I can have gammon, jacket potato and salad seems much easier than eating in a "proper" restaurant.

I am enjoying cooking but trying to stick to things that are SW friendly is stifling creativity in the kitchen.  I do use recipes from the SW website but struggle to find things we will all eat.  It feels very selfish to spend time in the kitchen on something only I will like.  Food is very much just fuel at the moment and not an enjoyable experience.

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