Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tomato Sausage Stew

I love sausages, and I love a good stew, particularly as the weather gets colder.  I threw this one together recently for a tasty, warming tea.

Tomato sausages, buttnernut squash, cannellini beans, tomatoes and herbs made up my stew.  I left the sausages whole and browned them off with some mustard seeds while I chopped the squash, then added that to the pan.  I then added the tomatoes - tinned and passata, then the beans and then the herbs.  The eagle eyed will notice there is a distinct absence of onion from my stew....  I'm trying out using onion powder, having unwittingly landed myself with an onion hater - who reached the end of his tether with me not chopping the onions small enough, and threatened to serve me sprout soup - argh nightmare food.  I don't do sprouts and I only do cabbage in a teeny weeny amount, drowned in soy sauce as part of a stir fry.

This is a particularly bad picture of the finished article - and one of the sausages has an odd phallic look to it!

Six of those fat tomato sausages was far too much for the two of us, we ended up with leftovers (leftover sausage is unheard of in this household).

Do you have a favourite sausage stew?

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