Saturday, 30 November 2013

Gourmet Garden

I was recently sent some Gourmet Garden fresh made easy herbs and spices to review.

I've used the garlic and ginger before, they're always really handy to have in the fridge. I've used the garlic, ginger, hot chilli, basil and coriander ones in various meals we've had so far and even in the chutney I've been practicing for Xmas hampers.

I haven't tried the lemongrass one yet, but love the look of this coriander and lemongrass salmon recipe on the gourmet garden website, and the lemongrass and chicken soup one.

For us these work much better than buying fresh herbs - we either don't use all of the small packs, and they get wasted, or I buy a plant and then end up killing it - I can't seem to keep any indoor plants alive!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Recent eats

A few weeks ago we went to Kirkstall Deli market.  The weather not being that great meant the market was fairly quiet, so we could have a good look at everything.  As usual I bought a salted caramel brownie from The Yummy Yank, then picked up some cheese from Cryer & Stott, and finally grabbed a couple of buffalo burgers from Snowden Hill Water Buffalo.

A couple of days later I had tea at The Adelphi with the girls.  I had a cracking blue cheese and bacon burger.

At the beginning of November was Daisy's first birthday, the cake was a joint effort - I did the cake and Phil did the decorating.  We chose not to have a birthday party, but had friends and family drop round instead.  I made some buns to go with the cake, trying out the lakeland duo icing kit - not as easy as it looks, well not for me!

On bonfire night we went to my cousin Marc's wedding at Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel, I'm never usually that impressed with hotel  food at weddings, but the food there was gorgeous.  We had a fantastic day.

This last week we've not done anything, I've been ill since Friday - seem to be on the mend now, and actually looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow!