Saturday, 30 November 2013

Gourmet Garden

I was recently sent some Gourmet Garden fresh made easy herbs and spices to review.

I've used the garlic and ginger before, they're always really handy to have in the fridge. I've used the garlic, ginger, hot chilli, basil and coriander ones in various meals we've had so far and even in the chutney I've been practicing for Xmas hampers.

I haven't tried the lemongrass one yet, but love the look of this coriander and lemongrass salmon recipe on the gourmet garden website, and the lemongrass and chicken soup one.

For us these work much better than buying fresh herbs - we either don't use all of the small packs, and they get wasted, or I buy a plant and then end up killing it - I can't seem to keep any indoor plants alive!

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