Sunday, 15 December 2013

Recent Eats

It's taken a while to catch up on everything after I was in hospital - then with trying to do some Christmas socialising I just haven't had the time to blog.

I've eaten out recently at Trinity Kitchen and Las Iguanas.  We also had a walk round the Dickensian market in Wetherby last weekend and picked up some treats from The Pastry Stall.

At Trinity Kitchen I had some cocktails with the lovely Mrs P, at 360 Champagne and Cocktails and then scoffed a lovely burrito from Tortilla (and a margarita!).  I really liked Trinity Kitchen, I like that there's some fixed places, and I don't mind the pop up ones.  I'm looking forward to the change over next week and getting some lovely fish and chips from Fish&.  

This weekend I had my annual christmas meet up with my school friends.  We went to Brewdog, Las Iguanas and then Duck and Drake to watch a band.  I was driving so had a mocktail in Las Iguanas, and pop everywhere else - but that was fine.

I was impressed with the quality of food at Las Iguanas - I usually find that food is rubbish during Christmas party season, but we really enjoyed our meal.  We had to use the set menu, but all found something we liked.  I had the crab and crayfish gratin to start, then festive fajitas.

I have a works christmas do this week, but I'm undecided if I'll go - we couldn't get in anywhere to eat (or agree where to go) so it's just drinks after work, but on the Thursday.  I don't fancy trying to get through Friday at work with a hangover!

I'm now on the final stretch of prep for Christmas.  I have to make my carrot chutney, onion marmalade and some sweet bits to go in my hamper.  I need to buy some cheese for it, and also buy cheese for Christmas day.   I'm making a bacon and egg pie for boxing day, and the desserts, so I need to get cracking at deciding what I will make!

Wharf Valley rapeseed oil

I was sent some Wharf Valley rapeseed oil to review a few weeks ago.  I have a garlic rapeseed oil that i use a lot, but I hadn't tried any of the wharf valley ones. When I saw they did a lemon one I asked to try that.

I used mine to make some hummus, using the recipe from the wharf valley website.

It smells delicious on its own, I'm definitely looking forward to using it in salad dressings.  The hummus it made was lovely too.

The original rapeseed oil has been used a lot in my every day cooking - I think I prefer using it to olive oil now.