Monday, 13 January 2014

Another week of meal planning

How are we back to Monday again!

On our meal planner this week:

  • M - ham and vegetable pasta, in tomato sauce, using the gluten free pasta I've been sent to review
  • T - jacket potatoes and beans
  • W - slow cooker beef stew, mash and vegetables
  • Th - meat (whatever looks appetising at Aldi this week) and savoury rice - rice cooked in vegetable stock with peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers (peppers for me only)
  • F - fish fingers, beans, wedges for everyone else, mushroom risotto for me
  • Sa - tuna pasta bake, garlic bread for everyone else, salad for me
  • Su - mince, veg and mash
We didn't do badly at following our meal plan last week, although I forgot to get the beef for the stew on Sunday - oops.  Saturday I very nearly caved and demanded a chinese takeaway, but Phil being supportive ignored my unsubtle hinting about getting a takeaway and we had some lovely gammon again.

I lost 5ib at my first fat club weigh in, hoping to get my half a stone award this week!

Linking up, as usual, with Mrs M and her meal planning army.


  1. Everything sounds fab!
    Well done with the weight loss! Way to go x

  2. Congrats on the impressive weight loss!

    Your mushroom risotto reminds me I bought some truffle oil recently for the sole purpose of mushroom risotto!

  3. Great loss, well done you!


  4. Thanks everyone, I got 1.5 off that week and then my half stone award last weds - 8.5 off in 3 weeks


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